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Too often, staffing companies treat people like numbers, boxes to be checked, and slots to be filled. Nexiya was founded to provide a different approach. One in which job seekers feel appreciated and cared for while obtaining their dream job, and one in which employers have a trusted partner that has their top needs front of mind. Nexiya offers loyalty, integrity, and honesty in every business aspect to help make the hiring process more reliable and responsive. 

Whether your organization needs specialized expertise related to the utilities and telecoms industries, or you’re a job seeker looking for better pay and benefits, more flexibility, or a chance to level up your career, Nexiya is the staffing and recruiting partner in your corner. We match engineers, technicians, designers, project coordinators, and many others with top employers across the country. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the way we do utilities and telecoms staffing differently.  

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